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Published Papers from 2012 Conference

* Indicates Session will earn PDH credit

Track 1

* Using the Virtual World of Second Life to teach Computer Hardware and Physics, by James R. Mallory/Vicki J. Robinson  Abstract

* Integrating Hardware and Software  In Project Based Learning, by Mike J. Metaxas  Bio  Abstract  Paper

* Agile Embedded Systems Design Capstone Course, by Antonio Mondragon   Abstract  Paper

    Higher Education in a Tail Spin, by Michael Parthum  Abstract

Track 2

* Integrating Design for Six-Sigma into Project-Based Learning, by William Leonard   Bio   Abstract   Presentation   Paper

* Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, by Carl Lundgren  Abstract

* Incremental Analysis in Engineering Economics, by Lou Gennaro  Abstract

   Creating Technology Rich Learning Environments for the Classroom, by Robert Garrick  Abstract   Paper

Track 3

* Successful Implementation of Peer Led Team Learning for Statics and Strength of Materials, by Melanie Villatoro  Abstract  Paper

   How to Advance from a Manuscript Submitter to a Journal Article Author, by Scott Anson  Bio  Abstract  Paper                                                                                                                                                             

* Teaching Digital Signal Processing Labs Using the Arduino Platform - Why It Works So Well, by Clark Hochgraf

Track 4

* Improving Wireless Communications Using Multiple Antennas, by Miguel Bazdresch/Joaquin Cortez  Abstract   Paper

* Microcontroller Platform for Accessibility Application Development, by Gary Behm/Joe Stanislow (bioAbstract

* Routing Decision of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Link Lifetime, by Merlinda Drini/Tarek Saadawi