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Successful Implementation of Peer Led Team Learning for Statics and Strength of Materials

Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) involves students working in small groups under the guidance of a Peer leader. Peer Leaders are current students who have successfully completed the course. The goal of PLTL is to enable students to gain confidence and critical problem solving skills that will help them master the course content thereby improving their ability to succeed in successive design courses. Civil Engineering Technology (Civil) and Construction Management (CM) students are required to complete Statics and Strength of Materials as a prerequisite to Steel and Concrete Design courses. Performance in Statics is indicative of performance in the design course sequence and Statics is particularly challenging for students entering the program at a remedial level of math. A large number of students transfer out of the Civil and CM majors after the first semester. PLTL has been implemented in Statics in an effort to improve student performance in the course and throughout completion of the degree. PLTL is currently in its second semester of implementation and data indicates that the students in the PLTL inclusive Statics classes are performing better than those in sections without PLTL.