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William M. Leonard

Bill Leonard is the program chair has been on faculty in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Department at Rochester Institute of Technology since 1998 teaching many core undergraduate and graduate courses from strength of materials to machine design.  He has specialized in graduate courses for concept design and critical parameter management, robust design, and product innovation and commercialization.  Bill has a BSME from the College of Engineering at RIT and an M.S. at RIT.  Prior to RIT, Bill had worked in industry for over 25 years from tool engineering, research and development, and advanced product development at Eastman Kodak. He has several publications and patents in the area of camera shutter technology.  He has his own business, WML Associates, Inc., which develops products from an idea to the commercialization of that idea.  He has specialized in the rapid prototyping of products using physical modeling systems such as CNC, rubber molding, and 3D printing machines such as Fused Deposition Modeling, Selective Laser Sintering, and wax based lay up systems.  Bill has also rapid prototyped products analytically using software such as 3D parametric modeling CAD, Working Model, and closed form equations via critical parameter management.