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Study Abroad

Go Global! Our students are taking advantage of increasing opportunities to study abroad—to travel, learn and get college credit for it. RIT/NTID faculty are leading trips abroad and so far have taken groups of students last summer to Italy to study photography.

Spring semester will offer an International Studies Seminar in Costa Rica.There students will be able to enjoy experiences of different cultures and have time to complete related student projects during fall semester 2014, earning 3 credit hours. They will interact with the Deaf community: visit schools, organizations for the deaf and engage in discussions with leaders. Visiting the rain forest, beaches, waterfalls, cloud forest and volcanoes will add to their study of biodiversity in Costa Rica. If your student is interested in study abroad, contact Dr. Denise Kavin at or 585-475-4661(TTY) or 585-286-5244 (videophone).