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NTID History

photo of Dr. Robert Frisina1967 - Dr. D. Robert Frisina becomes the first director of NTID and Dr. William E. Castle is hired as assistant to Dr. Frisina.

1968 - Robert F. Panara is hired as the first full-time faculty member for NTID, and a charter class of 70 deaf students arrives at RIT.

1969 - Vestibule programs are initiated to orient the deaf students to postsecondary experience.

1971 - Groundbreaking for NTID's first building takes place, and NTID graduates its first class of 54 students.

1974 - NTID buildings are dedicated, and the NTID alumni program is announced.

1978 - NTID celebrates its 10th Anniversary, and Project Outreach is initiated with the National Center on Employment of the Deaf.

1983 - NTID celebrates 15 years of existence.

1984 - The "Rubella Bulge" pushes NTID's enrollment to a then all-time high of 1319.

1988 - NTID celebrates 20 years, and the NTID Theatre is dedicated in honor of Robert F. Panara.

1990 - NTID accepts its first international students, and the Office of the NTID Alumni Relations is established.

1993 - NTID celebrates its 25th Anniversary with more than 1500 alumni attending.

1996 - Dr. Robert R. Davila is installed as NTID's first deaf director and RIT's first deaf vice president.

1998 - NTID celebrates its 30th Anniversary, and Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz becomes NTID's first deaf dean.

2004 - Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz becomes second deaf Vice President of RIT.

2006 - CSD Student Development Center is established, and Delta Sigma Phi Chapter first establishes scholarship.

2007 - Frisina Quad is dedicated.

2008 - NTID celebrates 40th Anniversary, and Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz is named first President of NTID.

2009 - New record-breaking class reaches 1450 students.

2010 - Dr. James DeCaro becomes interim NTID President.

2011 - Dr. Gerard Buckley is first alumnus named President of NTID.

2013 - NTID's 45th Anniversary Reunion at RIT’s Brick City Homecoming Weekend

2014 - (September 12) Memorial held in honor of Robert Panara