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Map of RADSCC on the RIT campus

To see a larger campus-wide map, click here, and enter "radscc" in the Search Map box (at the top left of that page). Use the left menu on campus-wide map to view parking and other locations on campus. Zoom out to view the RIT campus location within the general area.

Parking instructions for visitors:

  • Enter "visitor parking" in the larger campus-wide map to see visitor parking locations.
  • For parking weekdays before 5pm, go to the RIT Welcome Center to obtain a day pass to park on campus and to avoid receiving any "unregistered" citations/tickets. Enter "wel" in the larger campus-wide map to see the location of the Welcome Center.
  • Do not park in reserved parking spaces as they are heavily enforced during business hours.
  • After 5pm and on weekends, you may park in any parking areas except handicap spaces, roadways, and fire lanes.