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Presentations in ASL

• ASL Lecture Series

  • The Value of Deaf Elders (2/17/2017)
    Nancy Hlibok Amann
  • Photo of Nancy Hlibok Amann

  • Value of ASL Literature (11/4/2016)
    Benjamin Bahan
  • Photo of Ben Bahan

  • Sociolinguistic Features of 'Academic ASL' (4/21/2016)
    Raychelle Harris
  • Photo of Raychelle Harris

  • Black De'VIA (2/25/2016)
    Takiyah Harris
  • Photo of Takiyah Harris

  • Tapping into the Cognitive Processes (12/2/2015)
    Debra Russell
  • Photo of Debra Russell

  • The Science of ASL Storytelling (5/4/2014)
    Melissa Malzkuhn
  • Photo of Melissa Malzkuhn


• Other Events

  • The Life and Legacy of Dr. Andrew Foster
  • Group photo with Dr. Andrew Foster circled

  • Andrew Foster’s 90th Birthday Anniversary Celebration
  • The title overlaid over a photo of the celebration with people sitting around tables in the Dyer Arts gallery

  • DeVIA's 25th Anniversary Banquet
  • Photo of speaker at DeVIA's 25th Anniversary


• Other Presentations
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Some background on Deaf-mute banquets

An interesting link that summarizes the Deaf-mute banquets in France (note - they are largely quoting from Lane, Mirzoeff, and Ladd's books):

(Largely from the HeART of Deaf Culture - History Part II):
“In the early 1800s three Deaf educators, Jean-Ferdinand Berthier, Cladius Forestier, and Alphonse Lenoir established an annual banquet in order to honor the anniversary of the birth of Abbé de' L'Épée, the founder of the first permanent Deaf school to use sign language. Because of the importance of this event, this first banquet has been described as the "birth of the Deaf-Mute nation" (Mottez, 1993) and a "first step in developing a conscious Deaf history" (Quartararo, 2002).”

For the 300th birthday anniversary of L'Epee, NTID resurrected the Deaf-mute banquets and every year selects a Deaf educator and/or anniversary event to honor.
2012 - Abbe de L'Epee's 300th Birthday anniversary
2013 - George W. Veditz's Preservation of Sign Language film 100th Anniversary
2014 - Deaf View/Image Art De'VIA 25th anniversary
2015 - Andrew Foster's 90th Birthday anniversary
2016 - The First 200 Years: A Celebration of ASL