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Presentations in ASL - ASL Lecture Series

The World Through the Eyes of a De’VIA Artist
David Call
David Call presentation
What Color is Your Soul?
Mia Sanchez
Mia Sanchez presentation
Orature in the Black Deaf Community
Earl Terry
Earl Terry presentation
Disability Access and the Federal Communications Commission
Suzy Rosen
Suzy Rosen presentation
Climate Change and the Deaf Earth
Caroline Solomon
Caroline Solomon presentation
Telling Your Story: The Power of Connecting Across Languages and Cultures
Roberta Mather
Roberta Mather presentation
Larwan Berke’s Life: Tech What?
Larwan Berke
Larwan Berke presentation
Changing with the Times After 50 Years
Sam and Barbara Ray Holcomb
Sam and Barbara Ray Holcomb presentation
How the "Eyes" Read Sign Language
Rain Bosworth
Rain Bosworth presentation
Debugging my Interpreter Operating System: the other "iOS"
Aaron Brace
Aaron Brace presentation
International Issues for People with Disabilities: Focus on Philippines & Japan
Soya Mori
Soya Mori presentation
"Flying" Through Barriers at NASA
Johanna Lucht
Johanna Lucht presentation
Chasing your Dream, One Step at a Time
Michael Conrad
Michael Conrad presentation
Crossing Over
Norma Moran
Norma Moran presentation
LEAD-K: Getting Kids Kindergarten-Ready
Dr. Roz Rosen
Dr. Roz Rosen presentation
The Naked Truth: Reclaim Power of Self
Storm Smith  [RIT login required*]
Storm Smith presentation
The Value of Deaf Elders
Nancy Hlibok Amann
Nancy Hlibok Amann presentation
The Effects of Language Experience on the Development of Number Representations in Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Hearing Children
Marie Coppola
Marie Coppola presentation
Value of ASL Literature
Benjamin Bahan  [RIT login required*]
Benjamin Bahan presentation
Sociolinguistic Features of "Academic ASL"
Raychelle Harris  [RIT login required*]
Raychelle Harris presentation
Black De'VIA
Takiyah Harris
Takiyah Harris presentation
Tapping into the Cognitive Processes
Debra Russell
Debra Russell presentation
Deaf Citizens: Perspectives from the Sub-Saharan Africa
Khadijat Rashid
Khadijat Rashid presentation
Resilience of Deaf students in Postsecondary Education
Dr. Kim Kurz and Dr. Jason Listman  [RIT login required*]
Dr. Kim Kurz and Dr. Jason Listman presentation
America’s Constructed Image of Deaf People as Drawn from Newspaper Articles on Cochlear Implantation
Flavia Fleischer
Flavia Fleischer presentation
A Long Strange Journey - Reflections on 10 Years of Deafhood Developments
Paddy Ladd
Paddy Ladd presentation
The Science of ASL Storytelling
Melissa Malzkuhn
Melissa Malzkuhn presentation
Language Contact
David Quintos-Pozos
David Quintos-Pozos presentation
Cinematic Techniques in ASL
Dr. H-Dirksen Bauman
Dr. H-Dirksen Bauman presentation
Semiotics Analysis of ASL Poetry
Cynthia Campbell
Cynthia Campbell presentation
Opening Eyes
Karen Christie and Dorothy Wilkins
Karen Christie and Dorothy Wilkins presentation
Dr. William Stokoe
Dr. William Stokoe presentation
Finding Myself as a Deaf Adult
Clayton Valli
Clayton Valli presentation
Transcription Systems and Sign Language
Scott Liddell
Scott Liddell presentation
Translation as an Educational Tool
Patrick GrayBill
Patrick GrayBill presentation
Creating Original ASL Poetry
Patrick Graybill
Patrick Graybill presentation