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Welcome to REACH —The NTID Center for Studies on Career Success. View a signed introduction to REACH here.

The primary goal of REACH is to conduct research on employment and factors of change, as well as career success for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

The project that lead to the creation of REACH was an NTID innovation project called Taking on the Glass Ceiling: Knowledge, Strategies, & Research for NTID/RIT Deaf/HH Graduates’ Career Growth & Promotion. The original purpose of this innovation project was to provide research-based insights on career growth and promotion from published literature to help deaf and hard-of-hearing people improve their paths to career success. Another purpose was to share career success stories of deaf people. These purposes have become a part of REACH.

In addition to research findings on the employment and careers of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, there is valuable career-related information to help one reflect on the following topics:

  • Definitions and factors that go into career success
  • Career success stories of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals
  • Career planning
  • Personal and professional factors leading to career growth and promotion
  • Change and transition factors affecting the workplace
  • Summaries of key points from research and professional articles.
  • Reference list of the sources of information presented herein

Finally, it is our hope that each of you will contribute to our knowledge of deaf and hard-of-hearing people’s career growth and success by participating in our surveys and contributing information from your own personal employment experiences.