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Our Project Purpose and Goals

Our Goals

To provide reliable information on career development and career success based on research as well as the professional literature. While our focus is primarily on deaf and hard of hearing professionals, the information provided on this website is applicable to everyone. Specifically our goals are to:

  • Serve as a resource on factors and strategies linked to career success.
  • Integrate key information from professional articles regarding aspects of employment and career success in a changing, more global world.
  • Provide research outcomes and statistical data on career success.
  • Develop an on-line outreach resource.
  • Interview and analyze the outcomes of working professionals from a variety of fields.

Our Mission

To enhance the knowledge of recent deaf and hard-of-hearing graduates, and current professionals regarding factors that could potentially contribute to their career promotions and success. This information will help individuals develop a greater understanding and personal insight into their career development. Combined with an understanding of what modern work place culture expectations are, along with the need for self-initiative and personal responsibility, individuals will be capable of making better decisions and changes in their career paths.