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Sex Addiction

Addiction is characterized by the repeated, compulsive seeking or use of a substance or activity despite negative social, psychological and/or physical consequences. It is often (but not always) accompanied by physical dependence, withdrawal syndrome and tolerance.

Addictive sexuality is like most other compulsive behaviors: a destructive twist on a normal life-enhancing activity. Sex addicts lack the ability to control or postpone sexual feelings and actions, with the need for arousal often replacing the need for intimacy. Eventually, thrill seeking becomes more important than family, career, even personal health and safety.

Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) Rochester has a ASL interpreted meeting each Saturday at 8am. Please call the SA Rochester office at (585) 234-0359 to find out the meeting location each week.

Attachment: Sexaholics Annonymous Brochure.pdf (168.89 KB).