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How We Can Help the Community

  • Presentations to EAP programs and employer's management personnel
    1. Describe how AOD use by employees relates to absenteeism, morale, injury to self and others when operating machinery, low productivity, social dysfunction and high turnover of co-workers of an AOD user.
    2. Signs to look for in identifying substance abuse among employees
    3. Explain the process of referral to the John L. Norris ATC
  • Educate the work force about the following topics through presentations:
    1. Social and political pressures at work
    2. Prescription medication overuse
    3. Ecstasy use is on the rise in the business world and with young adults
    4. Guidelines for the responsible use of alcohol at company sponsored events; don't let them drive while under the influence
    5. Deaf culture
  • Work with agencies and educate them about the referral process:
    1. Attorneys and judicial services
    2. Medical and psychiatric professionals
    3. NYS Division of Parole, NYS Division of Probation and law enforcement personnel
    4. Contacts through the Health Association Directory "Finding Your Way"
    5. Monroe County DDS
    6. Programs that service Deaf and hard of hearing individuals
    7. SAISD invites service providers who may have Deaf and hard of hearing clients, to its Advisory Board meetings
  • Continue to give presentations and hold group discussions on Alcohol and Other Drugs
    1. Sponsor rap sessions with teenagers and young adults
    2. Classroom presentations on alcohol and other drugs