RIT Counseling & Psychological Services

RIT Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS) provides confidential and personalized services to meet the mental health needs of currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate deaf, hard-of- hearing and hearing students. The CaPS office is located on the second floor of the RIT August Center building (above the Student Health Center). Our mission is to enhance the deaf, hard-of -hearing and hearing student potential for learning and success and to promote the emotional health and well-being of the campus community through the delivery of responsive, empirically-based and culturally competent mental health services.

Our caring team of licensed mental health professionals offer primarily individual psychotherapy, but also group counseling, crisis intervention and referrals to outside resources to help students change and thrive as they navigate the daily challenges of college life. Mental health therapists Susan Chapel and Gloria Farr are both fluent in American Sign Language.

CaPS uses a short-term, time-limited therapy model to assist students who are experiencing concerns and needs that are interfering with their ability to be successful in school and/or with their individual personal growth, functioning and adjustment. The overall objective is not to uncover and address every issue a student may have faced in his/her life or to provide continual maintenance for chronic psychiatric disorders. Rather, our objective is to facilitate adaptation, adjustment and resilient functioning in order to enable the student to continue enrollment in college and to pursue academic, career and personal success with minimal disruption or delay.

Students can contact the CaPS office either by email, caps@rit.edu, or as a walk-in (August Center building, second floor).

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David Reetz