Title IX Deputy Coordinator

The Title IX deputy coordinator provides training to faculty, staff and students regarding their rights and responsibilities under Title IX. The deputy coordinator also works with various people on and off campus to engage the campus community in strategic efforts aimed at the prevention of sexual violence and other forms of sex- and/or gender-based discrimination as well as partner with other deputies to support the Title IX coordinator.

In addition, the deputy coordinator provides guidance and assistance to alleged complainants of sexual violence and sex/gender discrimination, including referral to support resources, notice of right to file internal complaints, and notice of the right to report incidents to law enforcement. The deputy coordinator also assists in the development and dissemination of educational materials, including brochures, posters and web-based materials that inform members of the campus community of Title IX responsibilities and resources both on and off campus.

The deputy coordinator also reviews and ensures that university policies, procedures, protocols and practices are in compliance with Title IX regulations as well as being abreast of regulations and statutes relating to gender-based violence, including, but not limited to, Title IX and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act).

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Amy Stornello
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