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Intended Audience

  • Teachers of English grammar, reading, and writing at all educational levels—primary, secondary, post-secondary, and adult education
  • Classroom teachers who provide English language instruction to deaf students, as well as teachers of hard-of-hearing students, of students of English as a second language (ESL), and of other students with limited English proficiency (LEP), including language-delayed students and students with learning disabilities
  • Teachers of content courses who want to incorporate English teaching methods and materials into their courses in order to support the Engish language acquisition of their students or who need to make their reading materials and lectures more accessible to deaf, ESL, and other LEP students
  • Speech-language therapists and other clinicians working with LEP students or language-impaired individuals
  • Teachers who teach in bilingual programs or who teach foreign languages and want to compare English grammar with the grammars of other languages
  • Materials developers and authors who want to incorporate the findings of English language research into English language materials
  • Program administrators who want to organize professional development training for their staff
  • Researchers who are interested in the implications and potential applications of research to the teaching of English
  • Students themselves whose current English abilities would allow them to benefit directly from these resource pages