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Sample Test

Following is a sample test that uses some vocabulary associated with computer science. This sample test will give you an idea of the kinds of simple sentences you could use that could be adapted to your own course content. For illustration, the correct answers are highlighted.


Read a sentence. Then read the question about the sentence. Answer the question by circling your choice. "Another person" means someone that is NOT in the sentence.

A. The hardware engineer asked the equipment engineer to assist the team.
Who will assist the team?

the hardware engineer     the equipment engineer

B. The manufacturing manager chose to delay production of the computers.
Who will delay production of the computers?

the manufacturing manager     another person

C. The circuit designer told the technician to replace the circuit.
Who will replace the circuit?

the circuit designer     the technician

D. The logic designer promised the technical writer to make an outline.
Who will make an outline?

the logic designer     the technical writer

E. The contract programmer said to wait in the conference room.
Who will wait in the conference room?

the contract programmer     another person

F. The applications programmer showed the software engineer where to find the answer.
Who will find the answer?

the applications programmer     the software engineer

G. The database expert asked to see the information systems manager.
Who will see the information systems manager?

the database expert     another person

H. The engineer told the inspector what to look for.
Who will look for something?

the engineer     the inspector

I. The tester reminded the systems analyst to review the specifications.
Who will review the specifications?

the tester      the systems analyst

J. The applications analyst was asked where to submit the report.
Who will submit the report?

the applications analyst      another person

K. The product manager explained what to do with the manuals.
Who will do something with the manuals?

the product manager     another person

L. The designer chose the researcher to assist with the proposal.
Who will assist with the proposal?

the designer     the researcher

M. The maintenance staff was reminded by the assembler to discard the broken parts.
Who will discard the broken parts?

the maintenance staff     the assembler

N. The computer systems auditor was told whom to contact.
Who will contact someone?

the computer systems auditor      another person

O. The hardware technician asked the service representative what to purchase.
Who will purchase something?

the hardware technician     the service representative