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SLPI:ASL Notebook Materials

  • These are the materials used in workshops for training SLPI:ASL evaluators.
  • Basic information about assessment principles used in the SLPI:ASL is in Section 1.
  • The forms, instructions and sample documents used in the interview and rating processes are in Sections 3A through 4B.

Section 1. Workshop Goal and Principles, Materials, and Procedures (pdf)

Section 2. SLPI:ASL Training Workshop Schedule and In-Service Materials (pdf) (doc)

Section 3A: SLPI:ASL Scheduling and Interviewing (pdf) (doc)

Section 3B: SLPI:ASL Rating and Sharing of Results

  • Individual Team (doc)
  • Two Rater Team (doc)
  • Three Rater Team (doc)

Section 4A: Sample SLPI:ASL Rater Worksheets

  • Individual Rater Team Procedures (pdf)
  • Two and Three Rater Team Procedures (pdf)

Section 4B. Guidelines for Completing SLPI:ASL Rater Worksheets Worksheets (pdf)

Section 5. Skills Important for Effective Sign Language Communication and SLPI:ASL Rating Levels (pdf)

Section 6. ASL Grammar (pdf)

Section 7. Responses to Frequently Asked Questions about the SLPI:ASL (pdf) (doc)

Section 8. Selected Readings for the SLPI:ASL (doc)

Section 9. Suggested Documents for Programs Using the SLPI:ASL

Section 10. Connecting ASL Instruction and the SLPI:ASL (pdf)