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Photo of sign classroom with instructor signing to faculty/staff class
Photo of three evaluators reviewing notes from a sign interview
Photo of three evaluators reviewing notes from a sign interview
at The National Technical
Institute for the Deaf

Resources for SLPI Evaluators

The Commonly Used Forms link to the left holds forms and documents that people often want to get quickly.

The Training Workshop Notebook Materials link contains the full range of documents that provide: 1) SLPI:ASL training workshop goals, principles, materials and procedures; and 2) documents, forms and procedures related to interviewing, rating and other aspects of the SLPI:ASL that are used by established SLPI:ASL teams and evaluators.

The documents below provide information and materials important to planning and hosting workshops for training potential SLPI:ASL Team members. It includes both PDF and Word versions of the SLPI:ASL Training Workshop: Planning, Implementation, and Follow-Up document. The PDF version maintains the appropriate format for this document but it cannot be edited. The Word version can be edited to fit the needs of each program that sponsors an SLPI:ASL Workshop, but the appropriate format may not be maintained when posted in a website. Therefore, programs can refer to the PDF version to assist them with the proper format when they make changes to the Word version to fit their application of the SLPI:ASL.

SLPI Training Workshop Planning, Implementation, and Follow-Up (pdf) (doc)

Support for Local SLPI:ASL Teams and SLPI:ASL Team Training (pdf)

Why Six to Ten SLPI:ASL Training Workshop Participants? (pdf)

May ASL Teachers Serve as SLPI:ASL Interviewers and Raters for People They Have Taught? (pdf)

Options for Conducting and Sharing Results of SLPI:ASL Ratings (pdf)

Options for Reporting SLPI:ASL Ratings (pdf)