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Sign Language Program Reports

 This sub-section includes three MODEL Annual Sign Language Program Reports based on Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) and South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind (SCSDB) reports:

MODEL 1 Annual Report (pdf) (doc)

MODEL 2 Annual Report (pdf) (doc)

MODEL 3 Annual Report (pdf) (doc)

Annual Sign Language Program Reports are important to determining the fairness of expected sign language entry skill levels and standards/goals.

The MODEL 1 and MODEL 2 Annual Reports include information about SLPI services, the number and percentage of staff that have and have not achieved their sign language skill level standards/ goals, and participation and success of staff below their goals in sign language instruction.

In addition, the MODEL 1 Annual Report includes an explanation of how SLPI results are used to help ensure staff members with similar sign language skill levels are placed together in ASL courses. This ASL course placement criteria is designed to help ensure course content is appropriate for the ASL skill levels of staff members and to help avoid the frustration that may arise for both instructors and staff members when staff members taking an ASL course have a wide range of ASL skills. This placement criteria is also helpful to instructors and staff members in making a direct connection between the ASL assessment tool being used, the SLPI, and ASL instruction.

The MODEL 3 annual report, which is based on a quarterly reporting process, includes a narrative summary that refers to two tables that summarize sign language program information for each of the four quarters of the fiscal year (FY) being reported. In addition, comparisons to past FY results and totals over several FYs may be included in the narrative summary.