RIT/NTID Summer School in Statistics with R

Dates: June 15-19, 2020
Location: RIT/NTID

School Faculty:
Dr. Jon Henner (UNCG)
Brennan Terhune-Cotter (SDSU/UCSD)


This weeklong summer course will aim to teach students and faculty how to use the R programming language for data management, analysis, and visualization. Using R to clean and analyze your data will ensure that your data manipulation and analysis is reproducible. How many times have you thought, “What did I do last week to get these numbers?” or “Where did that subject’s row go?!”? When coding with R, you will always have a record of what you’ve done, and you or anyone else will be able to exactly replicate your analysis with your raw data! This course will explain the philosophy of using R for conducting replicable and transparent data analysis; cover the basics of R programming for data management, statistical analysis, and visualization; and facilitate problem solving and coding exercises in small and large groups.

This course will be taught entirely in American Sign Language, with slides in written English. It will meet from June 15 to 19 at NTID, in Rochester, NY. As a beginner-level R course, students are expected to have research experience but are NOT expected to have experience in coding, either in R or other languages. You will benefit the most from this class if you are familiar with conventional statistical analysis methods, and are motivated to learn a new (programming!) skill in order to help you conduct better research. You will need to bring and use your own laptops, and we will ask you to install some free software necessary for coding in R. The class will be structured as follows:

  • DAY 1: Introduction to R and the Tidyverse; how to think like a programmer; the basics of coding.
  • DAY 2: Managing and tidying your raw data into usable data with R.
  • DAY 3: More data management; introducing statistical analysis with R; group exercises to hone newly-acquired R skills!
  • DAY 4: Using R to visualize data by creating graphs and plots.
  • DAY 5: Free analysis day! Small group practice sessions replicating previous analyses in R; if you have your own data, you can bring it in for advice on how to get started with R for your research!

Cost: Faculty/Staff $400, Graduate Students $200, Undergraduate Students FREE!

A limited number of travel scholarships (up to $350) are available to help with cost of travel and accommodation for those with financial need.

Seats are limited, and applications are now being accepted. To be considered, please complete the form below. Once accepted to the Summer School, you will be directed to a site for payment of the registration fee, and we will be in touch concerning any accommodation requests.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Matt Dye at mwddls@rit.edu. Funding for this summer school comes from the NTID SPaCE Center and NTID Regional STEM Centers.

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