Support Services Orientation

RIT Orientation

First-year and transfer deaf and hard-of-hearing students who have paid their deposit and are accepted into a bachelor’s degree program will attend RIT Orientation. This includes students who are enrolled in the American Sign Language-English interpretation program.

RIT Orientation is a series of events, activities, and opportunities developed to assist new students in transitioning to life at RIT as a new Tiger! RIT Orientation will run from move-in on August 12th to August 18th. First day of classes is August 19th. Read more about RIT Orientation and get your full schedule.

SSO Orientation Webinar

We hosted a webinar for bachelor’s-level deaf and hard-of-hearing RIT students on Tuesday, August 4th, 2020. Click the link below to download a PDF of the presentation. A video recording of the webinar will be available in the coming weeks.

Webinar presentation (PDF)

Things to Know

Here are some short messages from people and groups new students may want to know this year. More will be added as warranted.

Ruiying Gao, Cross-Registered Senator, RIT Student Government

RIT-RISE, a program for deaf and hard-of-hearing students in BS-level STEM programs

SSO Information Sessions

Support Services Orientation (SSO) information sessions for bachelor-level deaf and hard-of-hearing students and their parents

An important part of RIT Orientation includes the Support Services Orientation information sessions for deaf and hard-of-hearing students and their parents. At these sessions, you’ll learn about the outstanding access and student support services at RIT to support the college success of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Get information about how to request access services for classes including:

  • real-time captioning services,
  • notetaking,
  • FM systems, and
  • sign language interpreting.

Learn about the university’s support services specifically for deaf and hard-of-hearing students such as:

  • tutoring,
  • personal and career counseling,
  • academic advising,
  • audiology,
  • speech and language services, and
  • career preparation.


The following questions were asked during our August 4th webinar. Again, please be sure to download and review the webinar presentation for additional information that may clarify the answers below.

Tutors are available both at NTID and in each of the other colleges of RIT. The best place to start is by contacting your college's Support Coordinator.

If the captionist is in the class in person, iPad Minis are available to borrow for viewing the captioning in real-time. If the class is blended or online, captions should be available in the Zoom session. Students are also able to use their own laptop or tablet if they prefer.

Students are already registered; advisors have spent the summer putting together schedules for each student according to their needs and according to the needed support services indicated on the LCBQ form each student filled out.

Via for all access services. That's also where transcripts are uploaded, usually within a few hours of the end of the class sessions.

Notetaking will summarize the major points in lectures and might include visual material like diagrams and graphs; captioning is a real-time service like interpreting and is the verbatim record of what is said in class. Depending on the situation, you may request notetaking along with your choice of captioning or interpreting.

No. You will need to contact Amanda Picioli at Communication Studies and Services by e-mailing her at FM fittings are available by appointment starting August 13th. Our Audiology Center in general can be e-mailed at or by calling 585-475-6473.

The college advisor will help guide the student through their academic progress; the support coordinator for the college is a resource for information about specific professors, college-specific services like tutoring, and other things that NTID-based advisors might not know about; the NTID counselor is more for counseling, discussing personal issues, and helping resolve interpersonal conflicts.

That's not clear yet. Keep an eye on RIT Ready for more information.

It'll be a mix of both online and in-person. We expect that to continue throughout the semester.

Yes. Clear masks will be distributed to everyone on campus.

Those will be distributed at move-in.

SSO Registration

All bachelor-level deaf and hard-of-hearing students and their parents are REQUIRED to register and attend the Support Services Orientation information sessions as part of RIT student orientation.

It will be an opportunity for you to meet RIT staff who manage access and support services, get answers to questions, and give you the opportunity to meet and socialize with other entering RIT bachelor-level students and their families.

SSO for parents and students will be held online on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, 8 p.m. via Zoom. Registration is required.

Please fill out and submit this registration form.
Support Services Orientation Registration Form


SSO Schedule for Students and Families

Parent/student webinar
Tuesday, August 4
8 p.m. Eastern Time

Wednesday, August 12
8 a.m.-12 p.m.
Housing will contact families to confirm specific times

College support coordinator workshop
Wednesday, August 12
May be any time between 2 p.m.-4 p.m.
More information available for your college soon, so keep checking your RIT email

RIT New Student Orientation
Starts Wednesday, August 12 after move-in
Visit for more information

Support Services Coordinators

The following faculty members at RIT are assigned to provide tutoring, academic/career advising, and personal counseling for deaf and hard-of-hearing students enrolled in courses and programs in the other colleges of RIT. These faculty are skilled at working with students of all communication modes, including those who do not use sign language as well as those who communicate in ASL.


Sidonie Roepke

College of Art & Design

Booth Hall, #3451
585-475-2707 (V)

Karen Beiter
Interim Department Chair

Karen Beiter

Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

Golisano Hall, #1511
Johnson Hall, #2332
585-286-4546 (VP)

Scott Bellinger

Kate Gleason College of Engineering
College of Engineering Technology

Gleason Hall, #1113
Johnson Hall, #2332
585-475-4400 (V)

Pamela Conley
Associate Professor

Pamela Conley

College of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Hall, #2242
585-286-4568 (VP)

Kelly Davis
Senior Lecturer

Kelly Metz Davis

Saunders College of Business

Lowenthal Hall, #3306
585-475-5118 (V)
585-563-5171 (VP)

Stacey Davis
Principal Lecturer

Stacey Davis

College of Science
College of Health Sciences and Technology

Gosnell Hall, #A180
585-475-2032 (V)