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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

DAS Website and Contact Info

Access Services Website:
        NTID Department of Access Services

Assistant VP & Director, Access Services:
Rico Peterson, 14-1560,

Manager, SCB, GCCIS Interpreting Teams:
Kip Webster, HLC-1582,

Manager, COLA Interpreting Team:
Chris Felo, HLC-1586,

Manager, CAD Interpreting Team:
Rachel Abbett, 14-1561,

Manager, COS, COE Interpreting Teams:
Marie Case, HLC-1594,

Manager, Real-time Captioning & Notetaking Services:
Ann Marie Kuntz, HLC-1300,

Notetaker Coordinators:
Sheila Ryan, HLC-1305,
Toni Van Aernum, HLC-1310,