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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Working with an FM System

What is an FM System?

The personal FM system consists of a transmitter used by the speaker and a receiver used by the listener. The receiver transmits the sound to the listener's hearing aid either through direct audio input or through a looped cord worn around the neck. Personal FM systems are useful in a variety of small group situations such as boardroom meetings and classroom training.

Tips for Using an FM System successfully:

  • Make sure the FM Microphone is comfortable.
  • Don’t speak loudly; use your normal tone of voice while wearing the microphone.
  • Don’t talk with your back to the student. (ex. Continuing to speak while you are writing on the board)
  • The FM system will continue to transmit up to 100 feet from the student/classroom. If you leave the classroom for any reason, be sure to turn the microphone OFF.
  • Verify with student before class starts that the FM system and their hearing aid is synched with the right channel.

Where to find us

The Communication Studies and Services Department (CSS) provides a broad range of support and opportunities for deaf and hard-of-hearing students who want to expand communication skills that will serve them—both during and after college—in educational, professional, community, and other settings. Our faculty offices, labs, and testing areas are located on the RIT campus on the third floor of NTID (LBJ, Bldg. 60)

For specific questions, please contact:
Amanda Picioli, Director NTID Communication Studies & Services
Communication Studies & Services
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