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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Technology in the Classroom

What kinds of technology are teachers using in the classroom that really supports the learning experience for deaf and hard of hearing students?

Click on the images below to see video of the student's comments.

Britta Schwall
Business Management
Photo of Britta SchwallI have one classroom here in the Saunders College of Business that’s really neat, it has like six TV’s in the class with four on the side walls so there’s one right next to the desks where students sit in a group of four, so when the teacher presents and refers to the presentation on the board in the front of the classroom the table where I sit with the interpreters right across from me, they can refer to the TV display at our table so it’s easy for me to watch them and easily look at what’s being presented on the board. It’s hard to describe, I’d have to show you what the classroom looks like, but it’s possible to follow and not just, with six TV’s all around the classroom, there’s one TV right next to the teacher and there’s also one at the back of the room behind me so the interpreter can behind me and know what the teacher is talking about so it’s also easier for the interpreter so the interpreter can follow without having to keep turning around to look at the board to understand what the teacher is talking about so that’s a really nice benefit. It’s nice to have a TV behind me for the interpreter not just for me.

Rachel Rabenn
Biomedical Science
Photo of Rachel RabennPowerpoints are extremely helpful, even if it’s not-obviously it’s not going to be exactly what is being said or include everything, but just to have an outline of what is being said or what’s being talked about like displayed, as a visual cue of everything, it’s extremely helpful. Um, when professors just stand up there and talk I get very lost a lot of the time. And I know a lot of my deaf friends do as well but having a powerpoint or some visual something is very helpful and just something that we can, like, print out on MyCourses and just have it the day before, we can kind of look over it. I know it’s helpful for interpreters and the captionists to have it as well so they can spell things right, and if they’re not sure of a sign or anything they can come and ask us, so that’s extremely helpful.