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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Working With Support Faculty

What has been your experience working with NTID support faculty related to tutoring and advising?

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Britta Schwall
Business Management
Photo of Britta SchwallYes, with support I understand much better. The tutor really helps me. They teach in first language, my first language. There are no translation gaps or any translation at all. It is direct and I understand everything from A-Z and it is one on one. It you are working with a tutor one on one it is nice because tutoring in general benefits everyone, doesn’t matter if they are Deaf or hard-of-hearing. So, it’s always nice to have that service in ASL.

Emmanuel Perrodin-Njoku
Biomedical Science
Photo of Emmanuel Perrodin-NjokuHonestly, that helped me so much! I got here and I am from a deaf family and I went to all deaf schools my whole life. So, the college environment is a different type of a challenge for me. Ok, I want to make sure that I do well in all my classes. I learned about support services during orientation in my first week here. So, fine I started requesting interpreters and go to my first week of classes and meeting tutors. Since that first week they have helped me so much, helped me prepare for class and materials I didn’t understand I would ask for clarification in ASL so then I would receive the explanation back in sign language and then I would get it and know what it meant. I would really prepare. If I had other deaf or hard of hearing classmates I would introduce myself to them and get to know them better in class. We would work together with the guidance of a tutor. It is the reason why I could get through my classes. If it wasn’t for the tutors my experience would have been a lot more frustrating and more of a struggle to keep up without this support. They helped me a lot.

Kyle Morris
Photo of Kyle MorrisYes, a lot. It helps me to better understand what the teacher is explaining. If I don’t understand, the tutor expands on information which helps to motivate me more. When we sit down and they explain and then I understand it helps to motivates me to want to learn more. I learn something new even though the vocabulary given in class is something that I don’t understand but when the tutor explains it then helps me in my academic and non-academic life to be able to help others. The tutor teaches me and then I am able to pass on the knowledge and teach others if they need help I can teach them what I have learned. And I like how the tutor can’t allow, well, can help like if there is a worksheet problem then they make sure that your struggle first trying to figure it out and then they help you. Other people have said, “Oh, it’s not fair that the tutor is there to help!” They do help, but they don’t answer for you. If they did that you would get an “A”, but would you understand? That is the point.

Emily Lederman
Computer Science
Photo of Emily LedermanActually my first semester I was taking a math class and I was doing OK but I wanted to really, like, improve my grade. So, there was this one woman who had been emailing us saying like ‘OK, I’m here for NTID students in these math classes’ so I contacted her and started doing tutoring with her. And I think that that really helped me, it was really nice because she knew ASL and she knew how to work with hard of hearing students in general and she was just awesome. And I actually got an A in that class, so it was awesome.