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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Technology and Teaching

Is there a benefit to using MyCourses related to creating equal access for all students in your class?

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Patricial Iglesias
Associate Professor - COE
Photo of Patricial IglesiasWe're doing recitations in my class every Monday night and the TA is responsible for recitations so we are doing sometimes online recitations and the TA is using like a chat, I never used it before but I know she is using a chat tool on MyCourses and the student can ask questions from home so they can do recitation from home and then they can chat with the TA and the TA is telling me that its really popular. Not only for the hearing but also for the deaf students because they feel like they are all equal, right and they can ask questions and she's responding and everybody sees what she's responding so that's really good.

Philip Gelsomino II
Visiting Lecturer - SCB
Photo of Philip Gelsomino III think there is and it's the discussion room that we use when the projects come out. So instead of everybody emailing me and expecting an answer I simply say go on the discussion room because if you have the question probably everybody in the class has the question regardless of who you are, and this way everybody can get the same information. They can read the thought process that each student is asking or giving a response, they have the same data, the same words everybody can see it, everybody can participate and then I chime in when they are either going in the right direction they get a smiley face. If they're way off base they get a frown face.

Laura Dwyer
Seniior Lecturer - SCB
Photo of Laura DwyerI use MyCourses exclusively in my classes and I post every power point after the class, I don't post them before class because then that's a good excuse for them to not come to class. So I do that, I also post all classroom handouts in a dated folder for each class so they can go back and access whatever problems we worked on or questions we talked about. Other than that, I'll post keys to homework problems that MyCourses as well. I do use it exclusively and then I just post everything that's handed out in the classroom.


Have you utilized the flipped classroom approach and do you think this approach creates any challenges for the Deaf/HH students?

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Laura Dwyer
Senior Lecturer - SCB
Photo of Laura DwyerI do that a little bit, so that they have to watch videos like and in Internet Marketing I've used that as well they have to watch videos ahead of time. And that can be helpful, I think the most important thing deaf students need to think about that I tell all students is to come to class. Skipping class is directly correlated with bad grades, I find. It doesn't matter if you're hearing or not, a hard of hearing student.

Sandra Connelly
Instructional Professor - COS
Photo of Sandra ConnellyGetting everything ready and doing it well is hard. Right, because you are essentially making an entire class on your own to either a video camera or a studio set-up, and you're teaching a screen which is also very difficult for people when you have no feedback about what you are saying, trying to convey information in a meaningful way becomes very difficult. You also have to have the time to say is this accessible to everybody, so it's not just the time that it's gonna take to caption everything or in my case I added a sign language interpreter in all of my videos, so it's the time it takes me to produce the video, her to sign the video, me to put her into that video, then me to caption all the videos and then get them posted for the students is a huge timeline associated with it.