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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Using Multimedia In Class

How do you handle using YouTube videos or movies as a part of your classroom lecture?

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Laura Dwyer
Senior Lecturer - SCB
Photo of Laura DwyerI teach marketing so there's a lot of you know types of videos showing advertisements in class, that kind of thing and if I am showing that I always make sure it's closed captioned. That does limit sometimes what I can show and I always err on the side of not showing something if it isn't closed captioned. I will not use the YouTube closed captioning because their usually very poorly done and it's embarrassing frankly. So if I do use a video it has to be closed captioned and if I use a video those are always very well captioned. I'll also print out the transcript and I hand the transcript out to everyone in the classroom so it isn't just like a ok, you guys over here here's the transcript for you, everybody gets the transcript because frankly everybody could use a reading tool while they are watching the video as well. So, yeah, a deaf student shouldn't come to the classroom and have to not enjoy every aspect of what happens in the classroom.

Gina Ferrari
Senior Lecturer - CIAS
Photo of Gina FerrariI'll show slides, I'll show work so the interpreter will be there for that. Very rarely do I show film or video but when I do it's captioned, I make sure of that so there's a clear understanding, communication to the deaf culture and students.

Mike Palanski
Associate Professor - COB
Photo of Mike PalanskiI tend to use a lot of video clips in class so just making sure that those are captioned ahead of time. I use a lot of movies right off of dvd, so captioning is generally not a problem. Sometimes if I want to pull down a youtube clip I just have to be a little bit more proactive, and allow a little more lead time to make sure that it’s accessible. The other big thing is just to be proactive, talk to the students no two students are alike and have different preferences on how to communicate so usually what I do on the first day of class is to invite all of the deaf or hard of hearing students up to the front after class and we just have a little conversation about how do you want to handle this? And I sort of let them take the lead a lot of times.