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Supporting Effective Teaching Experiences with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Working With Support Faculty

Can you describe a benefit to working with NTID Support faculty?

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Patricia Iglesias
Associate Professor - COE
Photo of Patricia IglesiasWhat can I say about that I mean it's really we have that amazing support faculty that they are there to help our students and also to help us somehow. Because you know sometimes the students need extra help after hours and they can come to my office hours but if they have another person who is helping them, specifically about my class it's really an amazing tool that sometimes we don't know that we have there. So, not only for NTID support faculty also we have notetakers, right that is really nice if you can check your notes, they know that the notetaking is taking, also you have interpreters in class sometimes, that is really nice you collaborate with the interpreters you know in advance some of them are asking me you know to give them access to the power point presentation with time so they can see them and we also have c-print person so that's important.

Laurie Dwyer
Senior Lecturer - SCB
Photo of Laurie DwyerI think they're a great resource for you know, walking in and saying you know I'm having an issue, what should I do, I'm not sure how to work this out is it me, right because sometimes it could be me the faculty who is causing the problem and I get a lot of help there.


Sandi Connelly
Instructional Professor - COS
Photo of Sandi ConnellySo, I tend to work pretty closely with mine and I guess I've had the benefit of having a lot of the same support folks over the years so we have a relationship, we know they know what I expect from my students and they know how to better prepare them for that. I meet with my support staff once a week in an organizational meeting of this is what we're going to cover this week in class, this is what they have to do as far a assignments, this is the struggles I have seen in the past on these kinds of assignments where you might have pitfalls. We can talk about how the students are doing in the class as far as okay Susie hasn't been to class in 3 weeks, have you seen her in tutoring, has she been showing up to anything else? Or Johnny comes to class but he talks to everybody around him and doesn't pay any attention in class, how can we get him to focus more and think about the purpose of being in class, it's not a social activity. So I get a lot of feedback from my support folks in that way.