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July 23–28, 2022

Fundraising Ideas

Teachers, students and parents often ask for fundraising ideas to help defray the costs of travel to or registration for competitions or camps.

Here are a few ideas for individual fundraising:

  • Offer services in neighborhood such as:
    • babysitting
    • yardwork
    • painting
    • or other labor intensive work

And if there are several students from your school coming to camp, here are some group fundraising ideas:

  • Check with a school counselor to inquire what other organizations at the school have done to fundraise.
  • Burger/Pizza Night Fundraising: ask a local franchise or restaurant to host a fundraising event on a particular date at a specific time. For example, if a parent of a student at the school owns a restaurant, they may allow you to hold a pancake breakfast fundraiser on a weekend morning.
  • Greeting card or calendar sale: students make and sell cards/calendars for special events.
  • Sell sweatshirts, t-shirts, jewelry, wristbands, or an assortment of those things with school mascot logo.
  • Sell cookie dough, popcorn, magazines, chocolate candy bars, carnations, candles.
  • Host a bake sale at school or church.
  • Have a car wash.

Google "student fundraising ideas" to see what kind of ideas you can discover. One great website example is: Fundraising Ideas