Research Interests

 Chemical Research

  • Monitoring Natural Waters: Contributions of Climate Change and Implications on Drinking Water Supply
  • Remediation of Water using Novel Carbon Nanotubes
  • Reuse of Waste Material for Water Remediation
  • Phytochemical Analysis of Natural Products
  • Analysis of Polyphenols in Environmental Samples
  • Intermolecular Energy Transfer in Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Chemical Characterization of Archeological Samples
  • Characterization of Fruit Components for Migratory Bird Studies
  • Metrological Evaluation of Chemical Sensors
  • Development of Novel Analytical Instrumentation/Sensors


Pedagogical/Educational Research

  • Enhancing STEM Education
  • Communicating Science/Scientific Argumentation
  • Involvement of Underrepresented Students in Undergraduate Research
  • Writing to Learn Science and Science to Learn Writing
  • English Development of English as a Second Language (ESL) Students in the Sciences
  • Encouraging and Advising Underrepresented Student into Science Programs/Careers: Promoting Diversity
  • Development of Chemical Industry Skills Standards 
  • Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia: Partnerships
  • STEM Outreach Initiatives for K-12 Students
  • Critical Thinking & Concept Organization in Learning
  • Metacognition Strategies for Learning