Resources for Working Families


The NTID Working Families Committee (WFC) was convened during AY 2014-15 to solicit feedback from the RIT/NTID community, explore issues and concerns faced by pregnant women, parents/caregivers who have recently welcomed a child into their family, and parents with young children of school-age, and make recommendations to the NTID President. Their report describes the committee charge, membership, process, survey, findings, and recommendations. Actions taken in response to recommendations are summarized periodically. The most recent update of the document was July 2016.

One of the WFC charges was to document the supportive benefits, policies, and practices already offered by RIT/NTID. These are described and referenced in the WFC Report, though they were not particularly easy for an individual to find through searches on RIT websites. The links on this page are organized according to the primary issues addressed in the WFC report and recommendations: Parking and other issues for expectant mothers and pre-adoptive parents, Paid Leave, Transition to Full-Time after Leave, Breastfeeding, Childcare, School Calendars, Family-Friendly Events, and Other (including RIT Human Resources and Ombuds Office).

The content under each link is the responsibility of the originators of the link, not the Working Families Committee. Links will be added or deleted when appropriate and will be monitored by a member of the NTID Working Families Committee.


Parking and other issues for expectant mothers and pre-adoptive parents

  • Parking for expectant mothers
    • RIT follows the federal law that treats pregnancy as a disability. Because of this, RIT advises pregnant women to obtain a temporary Handicap parking tag which can be requested by obtaining a note from the employee's physician and completing an application from Parking and Transportation Services. More information here
    • "Parking for People with Disabilities" Policy
    • Handicapped Permit Application
    • For occasional needs, Parking and Transportation will do their best to assist pregnant employees on snowy/icy days with transportation from their vehicle to the closest spot they can access with vehicles near their building where they work. The employee would need to contact the Parking and Transportation office to arrange this at the time needed.
  • RIT Pregnancy and Parenthood Group
    • This is a group that used to be active at RIT and could be activated again if there is sufficient interest. It was created as a forum for parents (and parents-to-be) to come together to share ideas, resources and support. All are welcome—including women who are currently pregnant, postpartum, or are interested in becoming pregnant, as well as new and experienced parents, including dads! Babies also welcome at meetings.This group was established to serve faculty, staff and students. E-mail Lauren Purvis or join the group on Facebook at

    • Post Partum: a non-profit, online postpartum community called Postpartum Progress, Inc. (PPI) focuses on perinatal and postpartum mental illnesses through education, resource links, and community support for moms/dads/families in the U.S. and all over world.

  • Adoption Program Summary: Go to this page and scroll down to "Employee Resources and Privileges."

Transition to Full-time After Leave


  • RIT's Nursing Mothers Accommodation Policy
  • Lactation rooms at RIT (Please contact Lori Sykes, Human Resources Compliance Manager at with any questions regarding these rooms.)
    • Lyndon Baines Johnson, LBJ-3228
    • Golisano Sustainability Institute Hall, SUS-2138
    • Hugh Carey Hall, HLC-2110


School Calendars

  • Planning: School calendars
    • RIT gives employees 11 Paid Holidays/year: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and four RIT-designated days between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Family Friendly Events