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The Ombuds Office is guided by the international ombudsman association’s standards of practice and code of ethics.

To function effectively, the Ombuds Office and its staff must maintain the confidentiality of communications with those who use the office. Communications with the RIT Ombuds Office are therefore considered confidential and privileged.


Accordingly, RIT Ombuds and its staff will not answer questions about people with whom we may have spoken, or disclose an individual’s name or specific issue, with anyone outside of the Ombuds Office, unless during the course of our discussions with a visitor, we are given permission to do so for the purpose of informal conflict resolution, and if the Ombuds also agrees to attempt informal resolution. The only exception to this pledge of confidentiality is where the Ombuds determines that there is an imminent risk of serious harm.


The Ombuds Office does not keep permanent records of confidential communications. Permanent records kept by the Office include only statistical information for analyzing and reporting trends and recommendations to the Institute. All other records are regularly destroyed.