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Leveraging the power of our award-winning faculty and our alignment with industry, we offer in-demand degree programs online.

Graduate Programs

Master’s Degree

Earn a graduate degree driven by employer demand that delivers impactful career outcomes. A typical master’s degree consists of ten online courses with content strategically designed to provide a deep understanding in a particular subject. Additionally, related coursework is provided to add broader value to the degree. RIT’s online master’s degree programs are designed for working professionals so they may successfully balance their personal life, work, and academics. Our master’s degree students typically seek to advance or switch careers, and find that an RIT master’s degree in their field provides them with significant career growth and salary opportunities. 

Advanced Certificate

An advanced certificate, also known as a graduate certificate, consists of up to five online graduate level courses in a particular area of study. These courses are strategically designed to serve as a stand-alone credential, providing expertise in a specific topic to enhance your professional knowledge base. This graduate-level credential may also serve as the entry point to a master's degree. Working professionals making a career switch often find a graduate certificate provides them with the skills, knowledge, and credibility they need to enter a new field. Others who seek to advance in their current field are attracted to the short duration of study, resulting in a graduate credential they can build on at a later time if they wish.

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Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor's Degree

RIT’s bachelor’s degrees have excellent graduation and employment outcomes, and can be a foundation for a satisfying and growing career. Now more than ever, a bachelor’s degree is a requisite credential for the workforce. There has been a 25 – 75% increase (depending on occupation) in the number of jobs now requiring a bachelor’s degree that historically did not. Yet, only 59% of college students seeking a bachelor’s degree graduate in 6 years, proving the traditional path to getting a college degree isn’t the same for everyone. RIT’s online bachelor’s degree offers flexibility, customization, and the opportunity to get this valuable degree online, on your own time. The degree comprises a minimum of 40 courses, with half focusing on general education, and the remainder being electives and/or specific areas of focus or professional concentrations. 

Associate Degree

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports higher employment rates for workers who have an associate degree compared to those who don’t. An associate degree from RIT helps students get jobs and can also be an entry point to a bachelor’s degree. This degree comprises 20 courses, with eight of them typically focusing on general education, and, depending on the degree, the remaining twelve being electives or areas of professional concentration. The convenience of earning this degree online while they continue working is attractive to returning students who wish to further their education to advance their career and their earnings. 


Certificates are a stand-alone credential consisting of a structured group of (typically four) courses that focus on a specific area of knowledge. They are perfect for individuals who want to update their skills set, make a career change, obtain continuing education credits, or for enhance their personal education. RIT’s fully accredited certificates--recognized by employers--are an excellent way for working professionals to boost their resume and showcase an area of skills and expertise gained. 


Diplomas are a useful way to return to or begin undergraduate study. An RIT diploma is a fully accredited degree, perfect for individuals who want to update their skill set, start a career change, or ease into college life. The diploma requires completion of at least eight courses and may include a customizable area of focus. This degree recognized by employers will boost your resume, and provide a smooth transition to continuing your education.

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