Backed by the university, and championed at all levels, the online learning team is committed to providing you with everything you need to achieve your degree to propel you forward.

Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer
Online Admissions Advisor
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Hi, I’m Karen Palmer.

I’m the admissions advisor for online degree programs at RIT. Even if you’re in the early stages of considering pursuing a degree, I encourage you to reach out to me. I love hearing people’s stories and helping them explore their options. I can connect you with faculty and academic advisors at RIT who can provide more guidance and information. 

I’ve helped lots of people just like you realize their personal and professional goals through online study at RIT. It’s what I love most about my job. 

So, what’s your story? I hope to hear from you. Feel free to email me, or schedule an advising session

Dan Howell

Dan Howell
Student Success Coach

Hi, I’m Dan Howell.

I’m an RIT Online Student Success Coach.

I am here to help orient current and new students to their online classroom, explain how online learning works, and tell them everything they need to know about online study at RIT. I love taking away any doubt and fear for new online learners, and showing them that online learning is flexible, fulfilling, and even fun! 

Even though I work with new and current students to support them in all areas of online learning, if you are a prospective student and have questions about what the online experience is like, please feel free to reach out! Otherwise, you’ll definitely be hearing from me before your first online class!