2019 Physics Education Research Conference posters

Anne Leak, On Being a Physics Major: Student Perceptions of Physics Difficulties, Rewards, and Applicability of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Susan L. Rothwell and Ben Zwickl, Agile, Scrum, Fishbones: Teaching Structured Problem-Solving in STEM Workplaces

Vina Macias, Transferability and specialization: analyzing STEM students’ perspectives of problem-solving

Jacob Poirier, Preventive and exploratory: two workplace problem-solving cultures

Dehui Hu, Impact of industry experience on faculty teaching practices in STEM

Christopher Webster, Tracking the referent system to understand students’ math modeling processes

2019 AAPT Talks

Ben Zwickl, Teaching Problem-Solving for Transfer to STEM Careers: Understanding Disciplinary Variation

2018 AAPT Talks

Ben Zwickl, Epistemic Modeling Games within Physics-Intensive Workplaces

2018 Physics Education Research Conference posters

Jessica Hathaway, Attitudes and Perceptions of Math Used in Physics-Intensive Careers

Anne Leak, Physics Students’ Perceptions about Seven Aspects of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ben Zwickl, Measurement: A rich and ubiquitous context for mathematization in physics

2017 Physics Education Research Conference posters

Brianna Santangelo, Integration of mathematics and communication in physics-intensive workplaces

Nicholas Young, Models of Math Use in Non-academic Workplace Settings

Ben Zwickl, Characterizing analytical and computational math use during PhD research

Dehui Hu, Examining students’ personal epistemology: the role of physics experiments and relation with theory

Anne Leak, Examining Students’ Perceptions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Physics

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