Optics and Photonics are part of the past, present, and future of Rochester, NY. The earliest years of Rochester photonics begin with the founding of Bausch and Lomb in Rochester in 1853. During the next hundred years, Bausch and Lomb, Kodak, and Xerox rose to international prominence and established Rochester as the optics hub of the US.  Currently, Rochester is home to over 60 small, medium, and large companies in photonics. Several higher education institutions have strong programs aligned with photonics careers, including the Monroe Community College Optical Technology program, RIT Center for Imaging Science, and University of Rochester Institute of Optics. As education researchers, we are thankful for the strong community spirit that has welcomed our education research team, and is helping us better understand the complex transition from school to work. It is our hope and desire that this project would strengthen and benefit the local Rochester community, in addition to informing national discussions of STEM workforce development.

To learn more about Rochester Photonics, visit the Rochester Region Photonics Cluster

To network and get involved in optics education outreach, join the Optical Society Rochester Section. Rochester is the birthplace of the Optical Society!