Project updates (published by POWER)
One-page document: Rochester Photonics Workforce Development (NSF DGE-1432578) and National 21st Century Skills in STEM Jobs (NSF DGE-1561493)

Peer-reviewed publications
Zwickl, B. M., Olivera, J., Martin, K. N. and Winans, K., (2015). Preparing students for physics-intensive careers in optics and photonics. Proceedings of the 2015 Physics Education Research Conference, College Park, MD.

Related publications by project leaders
Martin, K. N., & Gaffney, A. L. H. (2016). Telling and showing: The intersection of visual communication content knowledge and pedagogical strategies in STEM. Visual Communication Quarterly.

Martin, K. N. (2013). A Mixed Methods Approach for Analyzing the Imagery of a Novel Science. Visual Methodologies, 2(1).

Martin, K. N. & Murdoch-Kitt, K. M. (2013). A Visual World Demands Design Sense: Advocating for Visual Communication Across the Curriculum. The International Journal of Design Education.


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