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  1. The Institute of Fellows will be closely tied to the RIT President. The organizational form which these ties take will be established by the RIT President.
  2. An annual meeting will be held between the RIT President and the members of the Institute of Fellows to provide:
    • A "sounding board" for RIT as to the views of the Institute of Fellows membership on how RIT is regarded in the greater Rochester community.
    • An opportunity for Institute of Fellows members to discuss how they have been of value to RIT and the community.
    • A forum for discussion of any issues and concerns which members feel should be brought to the attention of the RIT President.
  3. Prior to this annual meeting, the Executive Committee will provide the RIT President with an annual report covering the activities and accomplishments of the Institute of Fellows. This report will include the status of current membership and projects, administrative changes within the Institute of Fellows since the previous report and any other information requested by the RIT President or deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.
  4. The Institute of Fellows will have an Executive Committee, appointed by the Chair, from among current Fellows, and RIT faculty/staff.

    The Executive Committee will consist of:
    • Chair
    • Vice Chair for Program
    • Past Chair for Membership
    • Two-Three RIT Faculty/Staff
    • President's Liaison
    • Members at Large from Fellows Membership

    Activities of the Committee will include the following:
      • Nominate Fellows. Develop a diversified membership.
      • Review proposed projects. Review the progress of projects.
      • Select projects to be presented at symposiums.
      • Schedule program activities for monthly meetings.
      • Modify operating guidelines as needed.
      • Select the chair and vice chair.
  5. The Executive Committee will coordinate its activities with other RIT organizations consistent with the objectives of the Institute of Fellows.

Executive Committee

Chair: Margaret Joynt
Vice Chair for Programs and Activities: Alan Cameros
Past Chair (Membership): Dr. William Daniels
Members-at-Large: Alan Illig
  Dr. Sarah Liebschutz
  William Sullivan
  Linda Shapiro Weinstein
  Donald Hunsberger
President's Liason: Dr. Barry Culhane