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  1. The Institute of Fellows Executive Committee appoints the Membership Committee each year. The Membership Committee is chaired by the Fellows immediate Past Chair.
  2. The maximum number of active members is 50.
  3. There are two categories of membership:
    • Active Members attend at least 50% of the meetings in each academic year.
    • Advisory Members were formerly active members and are not able to attend meetings, however are interested in the Institute of Fellows and receive all Fellows mailings. Advisory members are welcome to attend any meeting.
  4. New Member Procedure
    • New candidates for Fellows membership must be recommended to a member of the Membership Committee. The prospective member should not be informed that he/she is being considered until the Membership Committee has expressed an interest in the candidate.
    • The Membership Committee will ask the prospective member to provide a current resume and brief project proposal. The proposal will indicate the nature of the support, if any, which the prospective Fellow envisions needing from RIT, including faculty and/or graduate student assistance, and the anticipated benefits to RIT and/or the community from the project.
    • After approval by the Membership Committee, the prospective member’s name will be submitted to the Executive Committee.
    • Two or three members of the Executive Committee and the President’s Liaison to the Fellows will meet with the prospective member to discuss his/her potential project.
    • If approved by the Executive Committee, the prospective member’s resume and description of proposed project will be forwarded to the President of RIT with a letter of recommendation by the Chair of the Membership Committee.
    • If the candidate meets the President’s approval, the President will formally invite the prospective member to become a member of the Institute of Fellows.
  5. General Criteria for Selection of Fellows

    Prospective members of the Institute of Fellows must:

    • Have high respect of peers and some stature in their areas of activity.
    • Have shown evidence of high level of interest in affairs of the community.
    • Have time, interest, energy, and willingness to give conscientious effort to chosen project.
    • Have an earnest desire to pursue and advance intellectual interests producing a paper and/or a project of their choice to be shared with Fellows at one or more meetings. Fellows are expected to discuss the progress of their colleagues’ projects at monthly luncheon meetings.
  6. Presentations
    • The individual projects selected by the Fellows are diverse in nature, one from the other, but should have one thing in common -- they should be outwardly directed with potential value for RIT or some other segment of the community.
    • It is expected that normally a new member will present at an Institute of Fellows meeting within two years of joining, and every three to four years there after.
    • The Executive Committee may deem a completed project worthy of broader community presentation as a symposium. The RIT President's Liaison to the Institute of Fellows will coordinate all matters relating to the symposium, including inviting appropriate vice presidents, deans, senior faculty and students to the symposium.
  7. Member Benefits
    • An RIT identification card entitles members to use the library and recreational facilities and to receive a 10% discount at Campus Connections (RIT bookstore). To obtain an ID card, please bring the letter of appointment received from the President to the Registrar’s Office on the first floor of the Eastman Building. A photograph is taken, and the card will be ready in a matter of minutes.
    • All members may receive a special Fellows parking permit which will allow parking in any lot on campus. To receive a permit, the following information should be provided to the President’s Liaison: year, make, color, and style of vehicle, and license plate number.
    • Members will receive the RIT publication, University Magazine.
    • Special invitations will be sent to Fellows about speakers, special events, and other campus activities of potential interest.