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William Sullivan: Drones: What – How – Uses – Safety – Future
Bob Stiles: Economic Inequity: Facts and Solutions
Betsy McIsaac: What’s Your IQ…And Does It Matter?
Alan Illig: A Memorable Four Minutes
Al Johnson: The Story of the Taj


V.V. Raman: Human Centered Cosmos: Some Recent Developments in Cosmology
Jeanne Hutchins: People of the World
Peter Oddleifson: The Irrepressible Conflict (Our Civil War - A Different Perspective)


Jeanne Hutchins: First Ladies of the White House
John Van de Wetering: MOOCs and Football:  The Future Focus of Higher Education


Gordon Brown: Winston Churchill
George Angle: Who was Lewis Powell, AKA Lewis Paine?
Margaret Joynt: The Trial of Susan B. Anthony
Bob Stiles: Ethics in Business
Bill Pearce: Indian Schools
Rufino Pabico: Andreas Vasalius and the Re-Awakening of the Medical Mind
V.V. Raman: Multiculturalism in the Modern World


Peter Oddleifson: Volanic Chaos in the Land of Fire and Ice
Jeanne Hutchins: The Adirondacks
Don Hunsberger: From Abelard to George:  An Overview of Early Rochester Theatres
Gil Perkins: "We Want Willkie" - The Election of 1940
Peggy Savlov: George Gershwin: From Prodigy to Tragedy
William Daniels: Presidential Election of 2012:  Make the Call


Gil Perkins: Mixed Results
Margaret Joynt: Restorative Rochester
James Duffus: The Steam Lion
Frank Grosso: What to Glean from 50 Years in Architecture
Sarah Liebschutz: Rochester Health Care
Al Johnson: Glimpses of India


Jeanne Hutchins: History of Phrases
William Pearce: How WXXI FM and WXXI AM Came About
George Angle: Affairs of Honor
Joseph Geary: The Anatomy of a Vessel – Not a Blood Vessel
Joe Hammele: The Amazing Highway
William Craver: Hippocrates: Father of Medicine
Kreag Donovan: The Origins of St. John Fisher College


Jeanne Hutchins: Female Charitable Society
Alan Cameros: 2009 Symposium: Reflections on 60 Years of History of the School for American Crafts
Bill Daniels: Narratives from the Election of 2008
Alan Illig: The Rise of the Universities
Gordon Brown: Forests of North America
Peter Oddleifson: Iceland My Fatherland
Betsy McIsaac: Rwanda Africa
Peggy Savlov: Saratoga
Mildred Boylan: Gerald and Sarah Murphy – A Legend in Their Own Time and Now in Ours


William Daniels: Justice Thurgood Marshall: The Legacy of an American Patriot
Charles Spoelhof: Engineering Ethics & the Second Law of Thermo Dynamics
Robert Campbell: Micro-Credit
Margaret Joynt: The Friends of Samuel Johnson
Rufino Pabico: The Medical Mind of Shakespeare
Kreag Donovan: Kenneth Keating


William Craver: The History of Surgery: From Witchcraft to Science
Gilman Perkins: Not A Chance
Sybil Craig: Fragmentation versus Consolidation: A Provocative Study
Maurice Holmes: National Metal Technology Award
Joanne VanZandt: An Overview of Our Courts


James Duffus: The Old Bank
William Craver: Issues at the End of Life
Alan Cameros: The Rakow Commission
Peggy Savlov: Five Faces of Mount Rushmore


Rufino Pabico: Imperial America’s Experiment in Nation Building: The Case of the Philippines
Joseph Geary: Cholesterol 101: Part Two


John Handy: "America the Beautiful"
John Rumsey: Minding the Score at the RPO


Joseph Hammele: Early Banking in Rochester
Peter Oddleifson: South Africa: The Apartheid era & the transition to democracy


Margaret Freeman: Travels in Shangri-La
Gilman Perkins: Building Futures - The Education of the Deaf
Joseph Geary: Rochester Emergency Room Crisis
Jim Duffus: A Book Named "Car-Hiking the Appalachian Trail"
Pete Merrill: Wal-Mart


Wayne Evans: Cold War Reconnaissance
Wayne Evans: Genius -- Excerpts from the Life of Feynman
V.V. Raman: Glimpses of Ancient Science
V.V. Raman: Global and Historical Reflections on the September 11th Tragedy
Arthur Liebert: Healthcare Drivers
Frank Grosso: Architecture 2001: "Where the heck are we now?"


Alan Cameros: A Vision for America's Museums in the 21st Century
Betsy McIsaac: Charter Schools: Rx for School Reform?
Gilman Perkins: Not Always a Bridesmaid
David Romig: Writing of Deadman's Tide


Gordon Brown: French Quebec and Canada in Transition
Kreag Donovan: Dean Gooderham Acheson
James Duffus: Lloyds of London: A Personal Perspective
Natacha Dykman: School for American Craftsmen
William Pearce: The Native American Influence on Our Democratic Institutions
Joanne Van Zandt: Suffrage in Other Countries


Margaret Freeman: Mechanics of Land Preservation
Fritz Liebert: Future of Not-For-Profit Governance in the Competitive Health World
William Pearce: Forgotten Founders
John Rumsey: Hillside Children's Center


Stuart Bolger: History of Genesee Country Museum
Edmund Case: Twenty Years in a Trust Department
Arthur Crapsey: A History fo the Arts Programs at RIT, RIT/Mechanics Institute
Alfred Davis: Profiles and Creative Philanthropy
Gilman Perkins: Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and Managing Your IRA
Pete Merrill: The Growing Disparity Between the Haves and Havenots
Paul Miller: Another Side to Living in Retirement
Gilman Perkins: Pastime or Past Time
Joanne Van Zandt: A Historical Perspective of Women's Right to Vote


William Allen: The History of the RIT Institute of Fellows
Alfred Davis: The Melbert B. Cary Library
Wayne Evans: The Corona Program
Wayne McKusick: Creation Spirituality
William Pearce: 1996 Symposium: The Native American Influence on our Democratic Institutions
Charles Spoelhof: The Relationship between Full Moons and Human Births


Alfred Davis: Important Roles Women have played at RIT
Joseph Geary: Patient Intensive Care and Decisions to be Made
Joseph Hammele: Use It or Lose It - A Second Career
Pete Merrill: The Drug Problem in America
David Stewart: Changes in the Health Care System


Loma Allen: Study of International Student Employment Opportunities Revisited
James Bruce: Simulation Gaming: The Development of RAMDIS
Donald Raines: Health Care Nationally and Locally
Charles Spoelhof: Hubbell Telescope


Perry Branch: Home Health Care - Past, Present and Future?
Wayne McKusick: The Story of the Universe is Your Story
Paul Miller: Sampling the Mackaye Family Research: How Christopher Columbus Almost Got to Chicago
Albert Simone: Visions for RIT & the Role of the Institute of Fellows
Charles Spoelhof: Culture Shock as a Volunteer Teacher in Nigeria
William Sutton: 1993 Symposium: What the Bugs Say - Biological Monitoring of a Trout Stream


Peter Merrill: The RPO Revisited
Natacha Dykman: Organizing a Book Arts Group


Bill Harper/Harvey Berson: Enhancement of Technical Education in Rochester City Schools
Don Raines: Evaluating a Medicaid-Managed Care Program
Charles Spoelhof: Hubble Trouble Revisited


Paul Miller: 1990 Symposium: A story of Three Rochestarians: Launching of Government Science


Loma Allen: The Institute of Fellows
Paul Miller: The American Can: RIT Connection
Tyler Cobb: Making a Case for Case Study
John Handy: Tench Coxe: Gladiator of the Quill


Perry Branch: Athenaeum Extension Program Report
Alan Cameros: Cultural Institutions, particularly Art Galleries and Museums
Edmund Case: Project ASSERT
Jerold Foland: George Stubbs: An 18th Century Painter
Mark Hargrave: 1988 Symposium: A Good Investment: Meeting the needs of our hard of hearing employees


James Bruce: 1987 Symposium: Simulation Gaming: The Development of RAMDIS
Peter Prozeller: Developing a Role Model for Local Industry Support of RIT


Roger Allison: An Approach to the Philosophy of Medicine
Irene Gossin: Our Environmental and Historical Heritage: Battles Won and Lost
Mary Alice Kendall: Continuing Education for the Professions
William Morris: 1986 Symposium: The Cunningham Car - Made in Rochester


William Allen: 1985 Symposium: Economics in the Elementary Schools - A Crucial Gap?
Paul Miller: Benton Mackaye: A Journey into Biography


Thomas Miller: Switzer Gallery: Showing of Watercolors
Peter Prozeller: Developing a Future Model for Local Industry Support to RIT Graduate Job Opportunities
Albert Snell: 1984 Symposium: Moral Dilemmas in Health Care Technology


Loma Allen: Exploration of International Student Employment
W.T. Hanson: A Poll of Noted Economists
Vincent Jones: 1983 Symposium: The Role of Newspapers in the Electronic Age
Albert Snell: The Biological Basis of the Moral Sense