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Creativity and Innovation Alumni Spotlight Symposium

Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 2:00 p.m.

Ingle Auditorium, Student Alumni Union
RIT alumni are making their mark on the world. Join us for an interactive symposium with some of RIT’s best and brightest who will share their insights into creativity and innovation.

Watch more videos from Dr. Munson’s Inauguration, including the full Symposium.

Christopher Edwards portrait

Christopher Edwards ’97

Celebrated Visual Effects Specialist
Renowned 3-D layout and animation artist at Walt Disney. Now founder and CEO of The Third Floor, the world’s largest international previsualization company, he has helped design many notable commercials, game cinematics, and feature films including Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Marvel’s The Avengers and Gravity. He has also launched HYDRA Entertainment, a production company developing unique, story-driven franchises.

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William Snyder portrait

William Snyder ’81

Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer
Four-time Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and editor, now a professor and Chair of the Photojournalism Program at RIT. He spent 15 years as a staff photographer at the Dallas Morning News where he won three Pulitzer Prizes. As Director of Photography, he guided his staff to a fourth Pulitzer Prize in 2006 for their coverage of Hurricane Katrina. He has also been the tour photographer for the rock group, The Who, for over 17 years.

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Patricia Moore portrait

Patricia Moore ’74

Influential Designer
Recognized by ID Magazine as one of the “40 Most Socially Conscious Designers” in the world. Internationally renowned industrial designer, gerontologist, and author of Disguised: A True Story. She is a leading authority on consumer lifespan behaviors and requirements. For three years, she traveled extensively disguised as an elderly woman, helping her respond to people, products, and environments as an elder.

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