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Organization for Reaccreditation Self Study

Dear Members of the RIT Community,

Re-accreditation is a very critical process for every higher education institution.  Preparation begins three years prior to the actual external team visit and involves the entire campus.  The process is well underway at RIT with the external site visit scheduled for spring 2017.

We are indeed fortunate to have named two talented and energetic co-chairs to lead our Self-Study Steering Committee:  Dr. Michael Laver and Dr. Anne Wahl.   Both of these individuals bring strong academic background and organizational expertise to the work at hand.  They have enlisted the support and involvement of a 16-member Steering Committee, flanked by over 60 faculty, staff and students who are contributing members on one of the eight associated working groups. 

We look forward to preparing a thoughtful and introspective self-study and hope you will provide us feedback on it when the “call” to the community goes out in fall of 2016.  It will be here before we know it!

In the meantime, background information on Michael and Anne follow.  Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions about the process.

All the best,

Christine M. Licata
Senior Associate Provost and Accreditation Liaison Officer



Dr. Anne G. Wahl
Assistant Provost for Assessment and Accreditation
Academic Affairs
(585) 475-7688

Read more about Anne


Dr. Michael Laver
Associate professor, Department of History
(585) 455-1918