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Working Groups

Standard 1 - Mission and Goals
*Sharon Lonthair, Chair       Managing Director, Development and Alumni Relations
Callie Babbitt                       Asst. Professor, GIS
Marc Goldman                     Assoc. Director, Residential Education
David Wick                          Director, Assessment & Research Mgmt
Elizabeth Perry                    Assoc. Professor, Biomedical  Sciences, CHST
Phillippa Thiuri Powers        Health Profession Opportunity Grants Coordinator, IHST
Meredith Smith                    Assoc. VP, Government and Community Relations

Standard 2 - Ethics and Integrity
*Pat Didas, Chair                Asst. VP Institute Audit, Compliance & Advisement
Barbara Hoerner                Assoc. Director, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
Joe Johnston                      Director, Center for Student Conduct
Kim Kurz                             Chairperson, Asst. Professor, ASL & Interpreting Education, NTID
Robert Osgood                   Assoc. Professor, Biomedical Sciences, CHST
Judy Rolwing                      Manager, Human Resource Services
Ellen Shady                        Director of University Publications, Enrollment Management & Career Services

Standard 3 - Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience
*Marianne Gustafson, Chair  Associate Dean for Curriculum & Special Projects, NTID
Elizabeth Hane                       Assoc. Professor, Assoc. Head, School of Life Sciences, COS
Joe Pow                                 Assoc. Director, Imaging Science, COS
Ian Webber                            Asst. Dir., Innovative Learning Institute & Mgr, Teaching & Learning Svcs.
Tracy Worrell                         Assoc. Professor, School of Communication, COLA
Rebecca Johnson                  Instructional Design Researcher & Consultant, Teaching & Learning Svcs.
Susan Chan                           Academic Coordinator, Imaging Science, COS

Standard 4 - Support of the Student Experience
*Karey Pine, Chair               Senior Director of Campus Center
Lynne Mazadoorian              Director, Institute Advising Office
Nancy Bernardo                   Asst. Professor, School of Design, CIAS
Jeff Cox                                Director, International Student Services
Carla Dilella                         Director, Auxiliary Housing Operations 
James Hall                           Executive Dir., School of Individualized Study
Marian Nicoletti                    Sr. Assoc. Dir., UG Admissions Office & Dir. of Transfer
Scott McVean                      Associate Director of Athletics
Daniel Cosentino                 Interim VP for Academic Affairs & Director of RIT Academic Programs, Kosovo

Standard 5 - Educational Effectiveness Assessment
*Linda Tolan, Chair             Senior Associate Dean, CAST
Leah Bradley                      Assistant Director of Educational Effectiveness Assessment
Bill Brewer                           Director, Exercise Science Program, CHST
Khalid Khawaja                   Vice President for Academic Affairs, RIT Dubai
David Martins                      Assoc. Prof., English & University Writing Program Dir.
Risa Robinson                    Department Head, Professor,  Mechanical Engineering, KGCOE
Michael Yacci                      Assoc. Dean, GCCIS
Nilay Yildirim                       Senior Research Assoc., Institutional Research & Policy Studies

Standard 6 - Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement
*Rich Dirmyer, Chair             Director, Institutional Research & Assessment, NTID
Jodi Boita                              Director, Assessment, Research, & Technical Services
Kevin Dudarchik                   Director, ITS Applications Development
John Moore                           Asst. VP, Facilities Management Services
Bill St. Jean                           Assoc. Director for Campus Programs
Shawn Sturgeon                   Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs, RIT Croatia
Diane Ellison                         Assoc. Vice President for Graduate, Int'l., & Part-time Enrollment Svcs.

Standard 7 - Governance, Leadership, and Administration
*Shirley Bower, Chair          Director of RIT Libraries
David Bagley                      Senior Director, Residence Life
Matthew Lynn                     Chair, Assistant Prof., Dept. of Science & Mathematics, NTID
Sylvia Perez-Hardy             Assoc. Professor, Computing Security, GCCIS
Lauren Shields                   Administrative Asst. to the Dean, GCCIS
Kristen Waterstram-Rich     Interim Assoc. Dean, Professor, CHST

*Steve Morse, Chair           Asst. VP for Finance and Budget, NTID
David Bond                        Director, Sponsored Research Services
Erika Duthiers                    Assistant VP for Compliance & Ethics and Deputy General Counsel
Marty Lawlor                      Senior Lecturer, Dir. of the Online EMBA Program, SCB
Patricia Poteat                   Lecturer, Dept of Service Systems, CAST
Sue Provenzano                Asst. VP to the Provost
Tim Rupright                      Sr. Research Associate, Institutional Research & Policy Studies