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The President's Commission on Women (PCW) serves as an advocate for the interests of the entire community of women at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The PCW - constituted of faculty, staff and students - advocates for and advises the President on the progress of RIT's commitment to securing equitable representation, opportunities, and rewards for women at RIT.
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Diversity at RIT

RIT Women in the News

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Game Design and Development
Computer Science
Packaging Science
Industrial Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Applied and Computational Mathematics

Books and scholarly works by women RIT faculty

Lauren Hall

Lucid Mind, Intrepid Spirit: Essays on the Thought of Chantal Delsol

Christine Monikowski

Evolving Paradigms in Interpreting Education

Lauren Hall

Family and the Politics of Moderation: Private Life, Public Goods, and the Rebirth of Social Individualism

Silvia Benso

Truth and Interpretation by Luigi Pareyson

Xumin Liu

Applications of Machine Learning in Genomics and Systems Biology, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine

Margaret Bailey

Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics

Patricia A Durr

HeART of Deaf Culture: Literary & Artistic Expressions of Deafhood

Sharon Beckford-Foster

Naturally Woman: The Search for Self in Black Canadian Women's Literature

Jessica W. Pardee

Surviving Katrina: The Experiences of Low-Income African American Women

Santosh Kurinec

Nanoscale Semiconductor Memories: Technology and Applications

Luane Davis Haggerty

Off the Page and Onto the Stage: Acting II

Laura A. Shackelford

Tactics of the Human: Experimental Technics in American Fiction

Ann M Houtman

Environmental Science for a Changing World

Rebecca Edwards

Words Made Flesh: Nineteenth-Century Deaf Education and the Growth of Deaf Culture

The WISe program seeks to engage women in the sciences and mathematics by offering information, equity and collaboration opportunities that will break down barriers and will enhance their education and career(s) throughout their journey.

The RIT Women's Career Leadership Certificate Program provides an understanding of leadership as it relates to women by helping participants develop confidence when entering the leadership roles or the career field.

The mission of the Center for Women and Gender is to foster an educational environment in which all community members can be personally, academically, and professionally successful without regard to gender, racial/ethnic origins, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, or spiritual beliefs.

The purpose of the Women's Council of RIT is to stimulate interest and promote understanding of the Institute within the community, to provide an educational program about the Institute to its members and to be of service to the Institute.

An organization dedicated to expanding the representation of women engineers and preparing women for leadership roles within the engineering profession.

WiSTEE Connect has a vision to promote women leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship (STEE), bridge the gap between Science and Business, and provide a forum to learn, connect and lead.

The Society of Women Engineers is a national organization committed to helping women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders. The RIT section of SWE is dedicated to providing an environment for RIT's female engineers to enhance their professional, leadership and social skills.

A program that offers an interdisciplinary and multicultural series of courses exploring the intersections of gender, sexuality, culture, ethnicity, and race.

Women in Computing is a group of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are committed to the success and advancement of women in computing.

Women In Technology (WIT) is dedicated to increasing the representation of women in the technical fields and programs offered in the College of Applied Science and Technology's School of Engineering Technology.


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