Suggestions supporting RIT may be submitted through this website. We are seeking suggestions which...


Save time, labor, materials, supplies or money


Result in efficiencies


Avoid duplication


Eliminate waste


Generate additional revenue without increasing fees or tuition

  • Employees whose suggestion is accepted for possible implementation will be rewarded with a $25 Dining Services gift card. (More information on eligibility can be found on the program guidelines page).
  • Suggestions that are accepted and meet the criteria of the program will be eligible for community input and collaboration.
  • This website displays the results of all suggestions on the archives page.
  • Please see the Guidelines and FAQ tabs for more detailed information about the RIT Suggestion Program.
  • Suggestions will be forwarded anonymously** to the area selected in the submission.
** Note: The program was designed to not to share any submitter’s name with any evaluating department. For example, if the suggestion is in relation to FMS, we do not share the submitter’s name with the FMS department. However, we would like to remind submitters that this program is administered by the Human Resources department.


As RIT continues to improve the educational experience for our students, we are turning to RIT employees to look for innovative ideas to support our mission. The RIT Employee Suggestion program which was launched in 2015, encourages employees to share their ideas that will benefit RIT by either reducing costs, creating efficiencies or generating revenue.

We welcome any and all ideas employees have for improving the University. Each suggestion submitted will be reviewed and evaluated anonymously** by the RIT department you choose. Suggestions that are accepted as meeting the criteria of the cost savings program may be eligible for an award.

Thank you for your help moving RIT forward.


David C. Munson Jr.



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