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The Process

  • 1. Develop your ideas

    We invite you to envision what RIT will be in 10-15 years, given the current strengths and major initiatives underway. How will we be different? How will we be better? What will we be doing that we currently are not? Think through these questions, and keep in mind the criteria. While these are not the only things that will mark a great concept for Vision 2025, concepts that meet these criteria are likely to fare the best.

  • 2. Submit your ideas — by April 30

    Visit the Vision 2025 submission tool. Submit each idea or concept separately by April 30, 2010. This is a simple Clipboard tool that asks you to answer several open ended, fill-in-blanks, and multiple choice questions. TIP: The survey tool allows you to preview the questions before submission. This should help you think through your idea completely in advance, and you'll be able to complete the submission process in just a few minutes.

  • 3. Make your best case

    You'll have lots of room to explain your concept, especially how it addresses the criteria listed, and you'll be able to attach supporting documents such as white papers, research studies, and news articles.

  • 4. Collaborate!

    Join with your colleagues from around campus, engage students in discussion about their futures, talk with industry partners — build on the ideas submitted to make them the best concepts for advancing RIT in the coming years.

    Then, go to Collaborate! on the website, and bring these discussions to the community. A Wiki will go live on February 22 to enable you to view submissions from across the campus, comment on those submissions, and even add to or modify the submissions to include your ideas of how they can grow into great directions for RIT.

  • 5. Review Committee

    The Vision 2025 Review Committee is being formed to assess ideas objectively on a scoring rubric, and subjectively through committee discussions on the opportunities and challenges for each concept. The committee will prioritize ideas and prepare recommendations for concepts to pursue, as well as a brief description of all ideas submitted, for the university leadership in May.

  • 6. University Leadership Review

    The leadership team of the university, along with select members of the Board and governance group representatives, will meet to review the initial report. They will discuss the recommendations, and consider how single ideas can combine into even bigger ideas. They may add new ideas not submitted. By the close of their retreat, they will determine the next steps to present to the university.

  • 7. Final Report

    A final report on the selected concepts will go out to RIT community along with initial plans to move forward. The report will be completed by late September, 2010.