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Business Administration associate of applied science degree

Mark Pfuntner, Chairperson
585-286-4640 (V/VP),

Program overview

The AAS degree in business administration focuses on general business operations and the critical decision-making process required for success in today's fast-paced work environment. Students learn the fundamentals of business planning, interpersonal skills, and communication skills needed to succeed on the job. The program blends practical business experiences with theory and teaches students how to apply these concepts in actual business situations through case studies, interactive sessions, and cooperative education work experience. This degree is for students contemplating careers in the fields of marketing, sales, retail, advertising, banking, management, human resources, hospitality, and other related fields. Students receive leadership training in addition to becoming proficient in the use of computer software applications necessary to succeed in the business world. Decision-making skills will be stressed throughout the program as well as consensus-building skills that support working in team situations. Graduates will find employment in private and public sector entry-level positions. 


Business administration, AAS degree, typical course sequence

Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
NCAR-010 Freshman Seminar 0
NACC-130 Personal Finance 3
NBUS-200 Orientation to Business 3
NAST-160 Fundamentals of Spreadsheet Applications 3
UWRT-150 First Year Writing 3
NACT-170 Introduction to Web Development 3
NBUS-217 Fundamentals of Management 3
NACC-201 Accounting I 3
  LAS Elective 3
  LAS Elective* 3
  LAS Perspective 6 (scientific principles) 3
Second Year
NBUS-213 Applied Ethics 3
NAST-210 Essentials of Business Communication 3
NBUS-221 Essentials of Human Resource Management 3
NACC-202 Accounting 2 3
NBUS-224 Business Law 3
NAST-220 Fundamentals of Database Applications 3
NBUS-223 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
NBUS-226 Introduction to Organizational Behavior 3
  LAS Perspective 3 (global) 3
  LAS Perspective 4 (social) 3
Third Year
NAST-299 Cooperative Education (summer) co-op
NBUS-228 Leadership Essentials 3
NBUS-220 Introduction to Economics 3
  LAS Perspective 1 (ethics) 3
  LAS Perspective 2 (artistic) 3
  Open Elective 3
Total Semester Credit Hours 75

* Must be an LAS elective course NMTH-140 or higher.