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Art, Crafts, Design, and Visual Communications

Architecture M.Arch.
Art and Design Undeclared
Ceramics BFA
Ceramics MFA
Crafts Undeclared
Glass BFA
Glass MFA
Photography Undeclared

Business, Management, and Communication

Finance MS
Health Care Finance Adv. Cert.
Project Management Adv. Cert.
Quality Management Certificate

Computing and Information Sciences

Big Data Analytics Adv. Cert.
Web Development Adv. Cert.

Engineering and Engineering Technology

Architecture M.Arch.
Engineering Ph.D.
Vibrations Adv. Cert.

Health Sciences

Exercise Science Certificate
Health Care Finance Adv. Cert.


University Studies Undeclared

Science, Mathematics, and Imaging Science

Biology BS
Chemistry # BS
Exercise Science Certificate
Lean Six Sigma Adv. Cert.
Physics # BS
Science Exploration Undeclared

Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education

Performing Arts Certificate
School Psychology Adv. Cert.

Sustainability and Architecture

Architecture M.Arch.