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Golisano Institute for Sustainability - Graduate Faculty

Nabil Nasr, BS, Helwan University (Egypt); M.Eng., Pennsylvania State University; MS, Ph.D., Rutgers University—Associate Provost and Director, Golisano Institute for Sustainability

Dennis A. Andrejko, B.Arch., Arizona State University; M.Arch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology—Head, Department of Architecture, Associate Professor

Thomas A. Trabold, BS, Ph.D., Clarkson University—Head, Department of Sustainability, Associate Professor

Nana-Yaw A. Andoh, B.Arch., M.ADU., University of Notre Dame—Assistant Professor

Callie W. Babbitt, BS, Georgia Institute of Technology; ME, Ph.D., University of Florida—Associate Professor

Roger B. Chen, BS, MS, University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D., University of Maryland College Park—Assistant Professor

Jules Chiavaroli, B.Arch., University of Notre Dame; MBA, Rochester Institute of Technology—Professor

Carli D. Flynn, BS, Cornell University; MS, Carnegie Mellon University; Ph.D., Syracuse University—Post-Doctoral Scholar, Instructor

Gabrielle Gaustad, BS, Alfred University; MS, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology—Associate Professor

Michael Haselkorn, BS, Alfred University; MS, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana—Research Associate Professor

Mark Krystofik, BS, MS, State University at Buffalo; Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology—Research Associate Professor and Senior Program Manager, Center of Excellence in Advanced and Sustainable Manufacturing

Nenad Nenadic, BA, University of Novi Sad (Yugoslavia); MS, Ph.D., University of Rochester—Research Associate Professor

Eugene Park, BA, BE, Dartmouth College, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island—Research Associate Professor

Giovanna Potesta, Laurea in Architecttura, Ph.D., University of Florence (Italy)—Assistant Professor

Charles Ruffing, BS, St. Joseph’s University, Ph.D., University of Illinois—Research Associate Professor

Michael Thurston, BS, MS, Rochester Institute of Technology; Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo—Research Associate Professor and Technical Director, Systems Modernization and Sustainment Center

Eric Williams, BA, Macalester College; Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook—Associate Professor