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National Technical Institute for the Deaf - Graduate Faculty

Dean’s Office

Gerard J. Buckley, BS, Rochester Institute of Technology; MSW, University of Missouri; Ed.D., University of Kansas—President, NTID and Vice President and Dean, RIT; Associate Professor

Health Care Interpretation

Kathleen Miraglia, BS, State University College at Brockport; MS, Rochester Institute of Technology—Coordinator Health Care Programs; Director, Senior Lecturer

Robyn K. Dean, BA, Maryville College; MA, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School; Ph.D., Heriot-Watt University—Assistant Professor, Health Care Interpretation

Daniel V. Maffia, BS, Rochester Institute of Technology; MA, Western Oregon University—Lecturer, Theories of Translation and Interpretation

Scott Smith, BS, MD, East Carolina University; MPH, Harvard University—Research Associate Professor, MD Adviser

Secondary Education of Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Gerald C. Bateman, BS, MS, State University College at Geneseo; Ed.D., University of Rochester—Professor; Director, Curriculum and Teaching

Melinda J. Hopper, BS, MS, Illinois State University; Ph.D., University of Rochester—Lecturer, Special Education

Baldev Kaur Khalsa, BA, M.Ed., Western Maryland College—Associate Professor, Education of Deaf Students

Christopher A. N. Kurz, BS, Rochester Institute of Technology; MS, Ph.D., University of Kansas—Associate Professor, Special Education: Education of Deaf Students

Ila Parasnis, BA, MS, Nagpur University (India); MA, Ph.D., University of Rochester—Professor, Psychology

Amanda L. Picioli, BS, State University College at Geneseo; MED, Smith College; MS, Syracuse University; AuD., University of Florida—Audiologist, Audiology

Thomastine Sarchet, BS, MS, Rochester Institute of Technology—Research Associate Professor, Assessment

Sara Schley, BA, Reed College; MA, Northeastern University; Ed.D., Harvard University—Professor, Human Development and Language Acquisition

Michael Skyer, BFA, MS, Rochester Institute of Technology—Senior Lecturer, English

Jessica W. Trussell, BS, University of Georgia; M.Ed., Ph.D., Georgia State University—Assistant Professor, Deaf Education