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National Technical Institute for the Deaf - Graduate Faculty

Gerard J. Buckley, BS, Rochester Institute of Technology; MSW, University of Missouri; Ed.D., University of Kansas—President, NTID and Vice President and Dean, RIT; Associate Professor

Health Care Interpretation

Kathleen Miraglia, BS, State University College at Brockport; MS, Rochester Institute of Technology—Coordinator Health Care Programs; Director, Senior Lecturer

Robyn K. Dean, BA, Maryville College; MA, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School; Ph.D., Heriot-Watt University—Assistant Professor, Health Care Interpretation

Denise Fitzgerald Burgen, BS, Keuka College; MS, MBA, University of Rochester—Adjunct Professor, Research Methods

Kimberly S. Kelstone, BS, State University of New York at Empire State College; BS, University of Rochester—Adjunct Professor, Human Body Systems and Diseases

Jeremiah Kirkland, BS, State University College at Brockport; MS, Roberts Wesleyan College—Adjunct Professor, Human Resources in Health Care

Daniel V. Maffia, BS, Rochester Institute of Technology; MA, Western Oregon University—Lecturer, Theories of Translation and Interpretation

Naomi Sheneman, BA, Gallaudet University; MS, University of Rochester; MA, University of California at San Diego—Adjunct Professor, Health Care Interpreting Within A Diverse Deaf Community

Scott Smith, BS, MD, East Carolina University; MPH, Harvard UniversityResearch Associate Professor, MD Adviser

Secondary Education of Students Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Gerald C. Bateman, BS, MS, State University College at Geneseo; Ed.D., University of Rochester—Professor; Director, Curriculum and Teaching

Melinda J. Hopper, BS, MS, Illinois State University; Ph.D., University of Rochester—Lecturer, Special Education

Ronald R. Kelly, BS, M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Lincoln—Professor, Educational Psychology and Measurements

Baldev Kaur Khalsa, BA, M.Ed., Western Maryland College—Associate Professor, Education of Deaf Students

Christopher A. N. Kurz, BS, Rochester Institute of Technology; MS, Ph.D., University of Kansas—Associate Professor, Special Education: Education of Deaf Students

Ila Parasnis, BA, MS, Nagpur University (India); MA, Ph.D., University of Rochester—Professor, Psychology

Amanda L. Picioli, BS, State University College at Geneseo; MED, Smith College; MS, Syracuse University; AuD., University of Florida—Audiologist, Audiology

Thomastine Sarchet, BS, MS, Rochester Institute of Technology—Research Associate Professor, Assessment

Sara Schley, BA, Reed College; MA, Northeastern University; Ed.D., Harvard University—Associate Professor, Human Development and Language Acquisition

Michael Skyer, BFA, MS, Rochester Institute of Technology—Lecturer, English

Jessica W. Trussell, BS, University of Georgia; M.Ed., Ph.D., Georgia State University—Assistant Professor, Deaf Education